BLAITA - Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Travel Agency

Decentralization based on Blockchain technology Higher margins for providers and cheaper services for travellers
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Connect tourism service consumers and providers DIRECTLY through the market’s largest and most competitive offering.


To make the tourist industry ecosystem more efficient through CHAT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies, which will deliver dramatic reductions in operating costs and offer disintermediation, instantaneous transactions and security against fraud in the travel sector.


With eight CHAT CHANNELS1 and eight of the most widely used LANGUAGES2 in the world, we will have access to over 70% of the world’s tourism service consumers, with which the expected growth of BLAITAs will be exponential.

*1: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Kik and SMS

*2: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Russian

Booking via mobile phone: the most in-demand option.

$35 billion

in bookings are made via mobile devices


of all tourism services are contracted via mobile devices


of OTA bookings are made through Expedia and Booking


The overcost imposed by the current situation of oligopolized intermediation

* american billion

Challenges for Providers


An excessive dependence of tourism service providers on indirect sales channels such as TAs and OTAs

Operating Costs

A large number of costly, human-operated call centers for customer services and customer care

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Very high due to dependence on Google’s SEM and SEO, which are monopolized by Booking Holdings and Expedia Inc.

Customer Loyalty

The only two direct communication channels that tourism providers can manage themselves are poorly perceived: emails and phone calls


It is estimated that direct and indirect fraud is a $21bn problem in the travel industry

* american billion

Challenges for Consumers


Travellers need to have access to the most extensive and competitive market offering in one sole location, maintaining a quality threshold


Travellers demand more comfortable and faster communication and transaction channels that allow for the establishment of a CONVERSATION, in which the SERVICE becomes a gratifying EXPERIENCE


Solution: Blockchain + CHAT + AI = BLAITA

The Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Travel Agency

The AI-based chatbot developed by Nixi1 will integrate the Blockchain to resolve the inefficiencies if the industry. The Blockchain will allow for the disintermediation of the market, helping providers to offer their services at a better price and consumers to pay substantially less for them.

Blockchain plus Nixi1 ChatBot*

* Transactions and assistance – Omnichannel and multilanguage
K (I+D+i) with operative, functional technology

+80.000 users

+2.000.000 messages processed

Corpora trained models with over a billion* words

* american billion


Search conversion rate

1,5 searches per session

Booking conversion rate

1.3% vs. 0.5% (market average)


100% totally automated sales


29% recurring customers


The purple milestones of the ICO inform of the Phase and the marked economic objective, contemplating a scenario where the expected Hard Cap is reached. The gray milestones of technological development inform about the Phase and the technological objective that we have focused on the TPS (transactions per second).


Juan Prim


Entrepreneur with experience in startups and venture builders and an extensive international corporate career. Degree in Business Administration from ESADE and the University of Illinois.

Carlos Nuñez


Entrepreneur with a 30 year track record and an investor with extensive experience in the Real Estate and Urban Planning sectors and in the Stock Market.

Victor Campello


Mathematics and physics graduate with a master’s degree in particle and gravitation physics and a postgraduate degree in Data Science and Big Data. Experience in the development of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

Guillermo Bernández

AI Researcher UB graduate in Mathematics and Physics with a postgraduate degree in Data Science and Big Data, also from the UB. He is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Specialized in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Francesc Armengol

DevOps, Full Stack Developer DevOps engineer. Interested in process optimization and automation. Extensive experience in AWS and Azure technologies. Before joining the team, he worked in different startups as a full stack and DevOps developer.

Jaime Viure

Communication & PR Holds a degree in journalism from the International University of Catalonia. Expert Social Media Manager with a creative, business-oriented approach to social networks.

Víctor Miranda

Data Analyst 4th year Statistics student at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya/Universitat de Barcelona. Data analysis and statistical reporting.

Patriciu Nista

Front end developer Full stack developer with NodeJS. Higher degree in cross-platform application development. Developer of native applications for iOS and Android.

Cels Cardona

Growth Hacker
Responsible for implementing the Go-to-Market plan in the Nixi1 ICO. Ex-Rocket Internet and Growth Hacking Asia, a Digital Marketing agency in Southeast Asia. Cels recently led the marketing team in the LiveEdu ICO, raising 10 million US dollars in less than two weeks.

Daria Bryjak

Operations Holds a degree in International Tourism from the University of Poznan in Poland and has experience in airlines and travel agencies (Vueling Airlines, Entorno Toledo, We Barcelona), and with UK tour operators (


Ernest Sales

World leader in IT with a distinguished career of 30 years at Hewlett Packard, where he retired as Senior Vice President. He is also a partner at Modus Operandi Investments (VC).

Alfons Buxó

A technological leader with a 20-year career at Hewlett Packard, where he retired as Global CTO to go to the market. Passionate about new technologies, including AI and Blockchain.

Jorge Colotto

A sales and communications leader with a remarkable track record of 20 years at Hewlett Packard, where he holds the position of vice president of EMEA communications.


Register and get your first Nixi.coins for free – Put me on the Whitelist
Register and get your first Nixi.coins for free – Put me on the Whitelist